Prenatal Classes at MCT

We offer prenatal classes to all of our clients giving birth for the first time. You will receive a phone call several months prior to your due date with your class dates. The classes are taught by midwives and cover the stages of labour, home & hospital births, birth plans, newborn care, and breastfeeding. The classes cost $150 for you and your labour support person to attend. If this fee is beyond your current means please talk to your midwife about reducing the fee.
Upcoming classes:
Thursday evenings Dec.6-27, 2012 / 7-9 p.m (January due dates)
Thursday evenings Jan.3-24, 2013 / 7-9 p.m (February due dates)
Tuesday evenings Jan.8-29, 2013 / 7-9 p.m (February due dates)