Working with students

We are currently a teaching practice for the Bachelor of Health Sciences Midwifery Education Programme at Laurentian, McMaster and Ryerson Universities. We also co-operate with several nursing and medical schools providing clinical placements for students to observe our classes, prenatal visits and, occasionally, births. We respect your need to meet any students who may be involved in your care in advance and feel comfortable with their participation.

Currently, in Ontario, the demand for midwifery care is far greater than can be met. In our practice we turn away at least five times the number of clients we can serve every month. We look forward to the opportunity to include new graduates in our practice.

The Midwifery Education Program has developed a model of education that emphasizes the importance of the student developing a relationship with the client and their family. The student participates in providing continuity of care, meeting the client prenatally and following their care through birth and postpartum. This approach is based on the profession’s commitment to client centred and family centred care.

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We ask our clients to involve students in all aspects of their care at a level that is appropriate to the knowledge and skills of the student. First year students begin by gaining skills at providing prenatal and postnatal care, labour support and labour monitoring. Second year students continue with prenatal and postnatal care, and focus on care provided during labour and birth. They take increasing responsibility for labour care and monitoring. They begin by assisting at the birth and move into “catching” babies under supervision. Third year students are able to take responsibility for all aspects of care under supervision. Students and preceptors work very closely together to ensure a high standard of care. The preceptor takes full responsibility for all care provided.

Each midwife in the practice acts as the preceptor to a student midwife. Your primary midwife will explain how students will be involved in your care, as the details vary depending on the level of experience of the students following your midwives. As explained in our Client Package, most clients meet two midwives and therefore two students prenatally. Students in the “clerkship” or final term of the program are assigned as the client’s first on call and second on call midwives with a preceptor acting as supervisor.

Giving Feedback

Most clients enjoy working with students as they bring freshness, energy and enthusiasm to our practice. Please feel free to give ongoing feedback to the student and/or the preceptor about the student’s involvement in your care. Our model of practice is centred on clients and their families and we expect students to learn in a way that focuses on your needs. We appreciate your participation in the students learning and in providing feedback regarding their care. As preceptors, we are also open to having you contact us by phone or in person at any point in your care should you have concerns. We ask all clients to fill out a written student evaluation form at their final visit.