Pregnancy care for clients

Our prenatal care offers you the possibility of learning about the changes your body goes through as pregnancy advances. Prenatal care plays an important role in preventing and detecting problems which can arise in pregnancy.

Our care includes the monitoring of fetal growth, heart rate and position, urinalysis, blood pressure, and the general health of mother and baby. We can provide counselling and advice on nutrition, exercise, and the social and emotional aspects of pregnancy.

We expect to see clients at least once a month until the 28th week of pregnancy, every 2nd week until the 36th week, and once a week thereafter. We request that you obtain records of your previous birth(s) from the midwife or physician who provided your care. If you have been seen by another caregiver before you came to our practice, we request a copy of your records.

Home Visit
Before the birth your first on-call midwife and student will visit your home to become familiar with the location, to meet others who are expected to be present at the labour or birth, and to answer any questions that anyone attending the birth may have.

The Midwives Collective offers a series of classes to our clients and their support person in preparation for the birth experience and early parenting.  Classes are not funded by the Ministry of Health, so there is a class cost of $200 payable by the client. If this fee is not possible for you at this time please talk to your midwife about a reduced fee.  Please see the news and event page for upcoming classes.

Childbirth preparation classes:

Prenatal yoga class: