When to call your midwife

Always page your midwife day or night if you have an urgent concern.

Postpartum – Client

It is important that you page a midwife immediately if you experience any of the following symptoms during your postpartum:

  • Fever of greater than 38 degrees C/ 100.4 degrees F
  • Signs of a bladder infection
  • Sore, reddened, painful, hard, hot area on your breast/chest with or without a fever and flu-like symptoms
  • You have persistent uterine tenderness
  • Your vaginal discharge smells foul (like rotting meat, or pus) It should smell like normal period but a bit stronger
  • You are completely soaking through a maternity pad in 30 minutes or less or the flow becomes significantly heavier than it has been, unrelated to activity
  • Return to heavy, bright red vaginal bleeding after vaginal flow has decreased
  • You pass more than 1 large blood clot
  • Ongoing feelings of depression, uncontrolled crying, inability to sleep or eat, extreme anxiety or agitation
  • Sore reddened, painful, hot area on your leg, especially the calf
  • Severe chest pain

Postpartum – Baby

  • Poor colour – blue or gray face or chest
  • If the newborn has not urinated or passed meconium in the first 24 hours after the birth
  • Baby is lethargic and is not interested in feeding for greater than 8 hours
  • Repetitive projectile vomiting
  • Fever of greater than 38 degrees C/ 100.4 degrees F