Please Support Midwives Labour!

Today is the pay equity day to take action – a day to show your support for Ontario’s midwives.

This morning, the Association of Ontario Midwives filed a complaint on behalf of midwives with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario. Midwives face a gender penalty, also known as a pay equity gap, because they are a female dominated profession, providing care to women, for a woman’s experience of labour and birth. In fact, women in Ontario still face a gender pay gap of 28% (Equal Pay Coalition of Ontario).

Midwives have supported the labour of more than 150 000 women in Ontario – today, it’s our chance to stand up for the labour of midwives.

Please send a short email or tweet to Premier Wynne and let her know you support pay equity for midwives.

Here’s what your e-mail could say:

Email address for the Premier:

Dear Premier Wynne,

My midwives supported me in the labour and birth of my [SON OR DAUGHTER’S NAME] (see picture attached), and now I am supporting pay equity for midwives.



Don’t forget to attach a photo of your child – it will help personalize your message.


Dear Premier Wynne,

Midwives are a valuable part of Ontario’s health care system. I support pay equity for midwives.




When sending your email, please CC or BCC



Please take action by tweeting the following:

@Kathleen_Wynne A midwife supported my labour, now I am supporting hers. I #valuemidwives and support pay equity

@Kathleen_Wynne Pay equity for @Ontariomidwives now because we #valuemidwives

My midwife supported the birth of my son/daughter, now I support @ontariomidwives @kathleen_wynne its time to #valuemidwives

Your support in these efforts is sincerely appreciated.